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Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the top professional social media platforms. It helps people build, elevate and share their skills, accomplishments and goals. No longer considered to only be a job finding tool, LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with clients and work colleagues while, at the same time, participating in and promoting a corporate and personal brand. Therefore, your profile portrait chosen to communicate who we are professionally is crucial to your personal brand. 

Tips when building your LinkedIn profile

1. Always use a closely cropped professional portrait for your head-shot. Never use a photo that was taken at a social event, a wedding or on holiday with your family. Keep your photograph professional, natural and authentic.

2. Create a professional headline highlighting yourself. Try to highlight at least three specialties using your own personal keywords. This should be 'who you are', not just your job title.

3. Use keyword rich content when building your summary and experience categories for your profile page. The list of keywords should include words that describe you, your talents, your personality and the qualities that you aspire to.

4. Use external links to your website, blog and major social media properties, like twitter and your professional facebook page. LinkedIn can help you share your personal brand and your story, but it can also drive traffic to your website.

5. Include any volunteer or extra-curricular work you participate in, as it's an excellent way to share more personality and the type of person you are.

6. Seek and give recommendations. It's a big ask and an important commitment for others to endorse you, so it's best to first ask your long standing and trusted connections.