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Ramón Vasconcelos Photography

Toronto, Ontario

I'm an experienced photographer who has worked in many different fields of photography. Being graduated in Architecture and Urbanism it was natural for me to start photographing for architects. The pictures would benefit from my knowledge in both areas. Sometime later I moved into editorial photography and started shooting for magazines. This last experience helped me to build a solid foundation in the most diverse kinds of photography - from lifestyle to travel, specializing in food and portraits. After some time I was already shooting for almost all the most important magazines in Brazil. I also shot for advertising campaigns and direct clients, both personal and corporate.

In the last three years, I worked at Globo TV Channel, the biggest and most important in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world. I was the still photographer and also responsible for all the promotional material produced in São Paulo, Brazil. Now, I'm living in Toronto, really enjoying photographing personal branding portraits and LinkedIn Profile Headshots.

Ramón Vasconcelos

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