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Chris Headshots

Miami + Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Chris Hedlund, creatively known as Chris Headshots, is a top headshot photographer who has always excelled in the arts with a focus on capturing moments that last.

Chris built his company, Chris Headshots, from the ground-up, working in his studio apartment and then building an incredible team over the past 10 years. He acquired hands-on training through apprenticeships and workshops from renown photographers like Joel Alvarez, Joey Wright, and Peter Hurley. His focus has always been on coaching his clients rather than just taking great photos. He is known for his ability to direct clients into the perfect pose by making them feel comfortable in a situation that is not the most comfortable.

From photographing actors, corporate professionals, executives, to even models and well-known celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk and Michelle Lewin, Chris has mastered the talent of brand photography where he is able to capture the true essence of the person behind the camera lens. His goal is to provide clients with the best experience and best results possible while giving them the celebrity package and feel.


Chris Hedlund

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