Helping Our City's Community with LinkedIn Portraits

posted by Dwayne Brown

We experienced a very cool opportunity this past week! As an extension of an ongoing initiative, with Boyden Ottawa and Dress for Success, we photographed 8 women, who are using LinkedIn to help make positive changes to their lives and/or careers. It's always a privilege to donate our time to Dress for Success, as they are a dynamic not-for-profit resource, for woman looking to make these changes. They offer free clothing, critical support and valuable advice to their network of women in various levels of need. We're also very grateful to our friends at Boyden for inviting us to speak earlier this year about the benefits of LinkedIn, during their complimentary 'Dress for Success' career workshop.

As we were photographing the women last week, we thought this would be a valuable post to share, to help highlight the positive potential of portrait photography. As photographers we have the opportunity to really make a difference in people's lives and our community. In this situation, because the women through Dress for Success are on a very limited budget, we chose to offer complimentary headshots to accompany their LinkedIn profiles. The value of offering free portraits is one thing, but the true and humbling value for us, was seeing these women feel more confident and positive about themselves, when they looked at their portraits! :)

If you're a headshot photographer working on an interesting and/or generous project, we'd sure love to hear about it! Please send us the details and/or any comments via our contact page.

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