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Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the top professional social media platforms. It helps people build, elevate and share their skills, accomplishments and goals. No longer considered to only be a job finding tool, LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with clients and work colleagues while, at the same time, participating in and promoting a corporate and personal brand. Therefore, your profile portrait chosen to communicate who you are professionally is crucial to your personal brand. 

Our Photographer's Network


Being photographed for your LinkedIn profile can be a daunting and vulnerable experience. We are curating a network of not only great professional photographers, but shooters who respectfully guide their subjects through every step of the process. If you're a portrait photographer with a passion for photographing people and helping them visually tell their personal brand story, we'd love you to join our network!

What's Your Story?


When one thinks of a brand, a logo comes to mind. It recalls the experience we've had with the product or services rendered by the company behind it. Similarly, one’s personal brand sends out a message and helps to tell your story. A well crafted personal brand story is the best way to communicate effectively who we are professionally, as well as an authentic way of supporting our career or company.


What Others Are Saying

"The picture looks perfect on my LinkedIn profile! I am so glad that we did this. Thanks again to you both for your professionalism and friendliness! I think it's the combination of these two things that lead to good pictures."

Verena Gorris